Mass Conception

Happy Devil

Faceless Onlookers

Space-Time Debris

Regarding "Lion Dance"
--The Lion Dance is integral to the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year celebration & other special events such as weddings & openings of new businesses.
--Whether displayed horizontally or vertically, this image cannot be upside down, as the view will be identical whatever way it is positioned.

Storm Over Toontown

Arial Vegas

Dionysus Visage


Ocular Abundance

Copyright 2016 Rich Widows

Mayan Mystique

Big Kahuna

FRACTAL CRAFT  from Rich's Algorithmic Art creations

UNWORLDLY IMAGES  from the computer of Rich Widows

Lion Dance

Dali & Marilyn

Windows 10 Bug (Magnified)

Stoner Brain Scan

​​Feline Fluorescent