"Scenes Nonexistent Anywhere in the Known Universe"


Unworldly creations originated & generated from the computer of Richard Widows


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The ‘Now You See It” art exhibit at the Civic Center Gallery in Sunrise, Florida, U.S.A., contains art with hidden elements for viewers to find. Below are the solutions to images on display from Richard Widows.

CHALLENGE Do you see a second distinct image of an abstract lion dance in this presentation?
SOLUTION: This computer-generated image is identical if viewed upside down. Didn’t you look at it standing on your head?

CHALLENGE The large solid-black area surrounded by red & yellow borders near the top of this presentation is reserved for a portrait of Big Kahuna. But he needs to be found. Can you locate him elsewhere in the image and identify him?
SOLUTION: Mickey Mouse is the Big Kahuna. A small image of Mickey appears near the bottom of the presentation.

CHALLENGE Can you find a big diamond made up of 49 small diamonds? How many similarly sized gems are in the image? Counting the small diamonds and all possible diamond-shaped clusters, how many diamonds are in the image?
SOLUTION: Start with the middle diamond in the highest row that contains, horizontally, seven diamonds touching tip to tip. Using that as the top diamond, move diagonally downward, left or right, seven diamonds. Then, using the final diamond as a starting point, move diagonally downward for seven diamonds. Using that diamond, move diagonally upward in the opposite direction for seven diamonds and then move diagonally upward to the diamond you started with. The result will define a diamond-shaped cluster of 49 individual small diamonds. By moving down one diamond from where you started, another diamond-shaped cluster of 49 individual diamonds is produced. Move down one more and a third is possible.

As for the number of a total of the small diamonds and all possible diamond-shaped clusters, there are:

123     small individual diamonds;
94       diamond-shaped clusters of four small                diamonds;
67       diamond-shaped clusters of nine small                diamonds;
46      diamond-shaped clusters of 16 small                   diamonds;
27     diamond-shaped clusters of 25 small                  diamonds;
14     diamond-shaped clusters of 36 small                  diamonds; and
3      diamond-shaped clusters of 49 small                   diamonds, for a total of
374   individual and diamond-shaped clusters. QUITE A TREASURE!